Indoor sports line marking. (Secondary Schools)

Fitness Functions sports line marking is applied on new sports floors and renovation projects. All of our sports court line marking is carried out by experienced in-house staff.linemarking We carry out work on these sports courts.
  •     Basketball line marking
  •     Tennis & mini tennis line marking
  •     Volleyball line marking
  •     Football and 5-a-side football line marking
  •     Handball line marking

We apply all the main sports courts such as volleyball, five a side and badminton.  A standard hall may consist of six or seven line marked courts, the 2010 FIBA Basketball court markings still very popular. Special designs or logos are available on request.

Line marking surfaces and standards.

We can provide sports line marking on all timber floors, synthetic surfaces or poured rubber sports floors. Our sports line marking paint products have been tested to meet all technical requirements as well as the relevant governing bodies standards.


Outdoor sports line marking.

Fitness Functions apply outdoor sports line marking for schools, clubs and universities throughout Ireland. We provide basketball linemarking, volleyball linemarking, soccer line marking, tennis linemarking and more. We carry out sports line marking for the Department of Educations's list of games for all outdoor areas.

outdoor linemarking

Our staff & technical requirements.

All of our sports line marking is carried out by in-house staff allowing us to best serve each customer's particular requirements. We work with many of the world’s largest sports manufacturers and adhere to the relevant governing bodies which means all of our sports lining products have been tested to meet all technical requirements.

Sports court painting.

In addition to our established playground markings & line marking service, our sports court painting work has transformed tarmac and hard court sports areas in schools around Ireland.

Our court painting process.

Stratford College, Dublin, is one of our best recent examples of court painting. We undertook court painting of two outdoor basketball courts. The solid full court painting process involves high pressure power washing to remove debris, we then painted the courts in contrasting colours, finally both courts were re-lined in white paint. The whole process took six days and will give the school many years of enjoyment & activity.

Our sports paint.

We use non slip, high quality, vibrant coloured paint with long lasting qualities. To ensure our customers get true value for money the paint simply must have excellent durability characteristics.

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